Meet the Team

Brian Taylor
    Ruth Taylor
Finance Director
    Mark Taylor
Managing Director 
    Jane Davies
Commercial Director
  Andrew Henry
General Manager
    George Price
Garden Centre Sales Support Executive
    Hannah Groome
Regional Sales Executive (South)
    Tracey Rowley
Regional Sales Executive (North)
  Vicky Thornton
National Account Executive
    Will Thomas
National Accounts Executive
    James Durnford
Technical Manager
    Val Burge
Sales Administrator
  Heather Redman
Sales Administrator
    Sally-Ann Greenman
Sales Administrator
    David Powell
IT Manager
    Owain Prosser
Operations Manager
  Kevin Campbell
Production Manager
    David Hemming
H&S Manager
    David Bowen
Transport Manager
    Carol Ede
Transport Administrator
  Ron Fleming
    Tori  Rees
Administration Manager

Working with Allensmore
Supplying Multiples
Selling products to Allensmore Nurseries
Working with Allensmore Nurseries